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  1. Hello Pres. Matt,

    “Come on, Let the good times roll~
    Come on, Let me thrill your soul” – Harry Nilsson

    Is there any way of creating a ‘Music’ section, to the West Side’s website, to elicit some interest for the “Improvement Band”

    Basically, a vitual ‘Sign-Up’ sheet: All Levels Welcome. [note: this is NOT an instructional class. (it may turn into that, as a future option-but not yet.)]

    Something ‘simple’~ [ie: a list of people interested. Instrument they play, or vocals (lead or back-up), preferred contact information,… and name 3-5 songs you would like to have the Band ‘try’ to play at the first ‘rehearsal’.] It would really help me by knowing what ‘instruments’ and the type of Music people want to hear & play & sing…

    Example: (I’ll go first~ feel free to use the information provided below)

    Name: Preferred Contact Info: Instrument: Type of Music: Songs to Play
    Greg Mitchell Guitar (rhythm) Beatles, ‘Stones, C,S,N&Y ‘Motorcycle Mama’, ‘Daydream’, ‘Bottle of Wine’, ‘I Can Help’


    I think ‘music’ will work like ‘balm’ to the weary soul.

    Greg Mitchell

    P.S. If nothing else,… we can begin an on-line dialogue regarding ‘tastes in music’.

    Also, if possible, please post my favorite ‘music website’: [ ]

    Go To: “ALL ARTISTS” (for an alphabetical listing)

    This ‘Guitar Chord & Lyric site will provide ‘hours’ of creative ‘juices’ to flow….

    Stay Safe !!!

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