Club By-Laws



SECTION 1. The name of this organization shall be West Side Improvement Club, Incorporated.

SECTION 2. The West Side Improvement Club shall have open boundaries.


The objects and purposes of this organization shall be the improvement of moral and social activities and for
property improvement. It shall also be a policy of this Club neither to endorse any political party or candidate,
nor to engage in any political activity.


SECTION 1. MEMBERS: Any person 18 years of age and older may be a member of the West Side Improvement
Club upon paying the annual membership fee on or before the first Monday in January of the new year. All dues
of member must be paid on or before April 30, of the current year, in order to qualify as voting members. Upon
payment of membership fees all members shall remain in good standing, January 1 to December 31, inclusive;
provided all dues are paid by April 30. Members failing to renew their membership by April 30 will be dropped
from the membership rolls. Members not in good standing by not paying dues on or before April 30 and pay later
will be reinstated by vote of Club membership and will not be able to rent West Side Improvement Club hall at the
membership rate for sixty (60) days.

SECTION2. NEW MEMBER: A person or persons may become a member of the West Side Improvement Club
upon being recommended by the membership committee and paying in advance the annual membership fee and
being voted on by the assembly at a regular meeting of the Club. These members shall have all rights and
privileges usually vested in members of parliamentary bodies, except rental of the Improvement Club hall for
ninety (90) days at reduced member rates, provided they have met active member requirements. All new members
shall receive a copy of these by-laws when voted into Club membership.

SECTION 3. ACTIVE MEMBER: An active member must attend three (3) meetings in a given year and hold an
office, or serve on committees or work on Club functions. Preceding membership year will be considered
regarding reduced rental status for personal use.


SECTION 1. Regular meetings of the Club shall be held on the first (1st) Monday of each month at the West Side
Improvement Club Hall, at 7:30pm. except there are no regular meeting in July and August.

SECTION 2. Ten members in good standing may at any time call a special meeting by issuing through the
Secretary of the Club a call in writing stating the time, place and purpose of the meeting. The Secretary shall then
notify by mail all members in good standing of the special meeting, the notice to contain the essential information
of the call. Members who call a special meeting shall allow at least (10) calendar days to notify all members.
Only such matters as are stated in the call shall come before the Club for consideration at special meeting.

SECTION 3. Not less than ten (10) of the members in good standing, shall constitute a quorum to transact any and
all business at any meeting. With one exception in that no less than thirty (30) percent of members in good
standing shall be required to be present when voting and only by a two-thirds (2/3) magority of members present,
when selling any of the Club’s real property. In case a quorum is not present at a regular or special meeting,
then immediately after the roll call of officers, the meeting shall be adjourned to meet again with in ten (10) days
at the same hour and place, such adjourned meeting to be announced in the press. regardless of the number, the
members present at the second meeting will constitute a quorum.


The President shall appoint a nominating committee in November of each year. Nomination and election of
officers shall take place at the regular meeting in December of each year. Nomination may also be made from the
floor, but election shall be conducted by secret ballot by members in good standing, and present at the December
meeting. When more than one person has been nominated for any office, unless the nominee has received a clear
majority of all votes cast on the first ballot, then the two highest shall be placed on the list and a second ballot
taken, the person receiving the majority of votes so cast shall be elected. All officers shall be installed and take up
their duties at the regular meeting in January of each year.


SECTION 1. Officers of this organization shall be: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and five (5)
regularly elected members of the Board of Directors which includes Junior Past President.

SECTION 2. The President, who shall hold office for one year, shall preside at all meetings of the Club and
appoint all standing and special committees not otherwise provided for by action of the Club meetings. The
President shall be a ex-officer member of all committees and shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to his
office, and such other duties as the Club in meeting may, from time to time, authorize. The President shall be
Chairman of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3. The Vice-President, who shall hold office for one year, shall perform the duties of the President in
case of absence or incapacity of that officer, and perform all other duties usually pertaining to this office, and such
other duties as the club in meeting may, from time to time, authorize.

SECTION 4. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the minutes of all meetings, keep a file of all
communications received by the Club, and those authorized by the Club to be sent out; keep a record of all
amendments to these by-laws and interpretations of same; shall have a current membership list:(a duplicate list as
retained by the Chairmen of the Membership Committee) and perform all other duties usually pertaining to this
office and such other duties as the Club in meeting may, from time to time, authorize, He or she shall hold office
for one year, and at expiration of his term of office shall turn over all papers, records and properties of the Club
that may be in his possession to his or her successor. All papers and records not pertinent to present year’s
business shall be filed for history. The Secretary is a paid position, compensated at a rate determined by the
general membership.

SECTION 5. The treasurer shall receive and keep all monies belonging to the Club, deposit them in a bank
designated by the Club, keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and make a report thereon at each
regular meeting of the Club. All funds collected by officers or members for the use of this Club shall be turned
over to the Treasurer, who shall report on receipts, stating their source and amount at the following meeting of the
Club, keep all valuable papers and maintain a record of them, and be bonded to the extent of twenty thousand
(20,000) dollars. Appropriation for expenditures shall be made only at regular meetings, except that the regular
monthly utility bills, gas telephone, water, garbage and electric shall be paid each month as they become due, and
payment of duty authorized bills shall be by check signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President or
Vice-President when acting in place of President, and drawn upon warranty issued by the Secretary, aslo
countersigned by the President. The utility bills shall be read at the next regular meeting even though they have
been paid. The Treasurer shall perform all such duties as usually pertain to this office and such other duties as the
Club in meeting may, from time to time, authorize. The term of office is to be for one (1) year and upon expiration
of the term, all books, deed, insurance policies, record and all other valuable papers, fund and properties of the
Club, are to be turned over to the successor. The Treasurer is a paid position, compensated at a rate determined by
the general membership.

SECTION 6. The board of Directors shall serve as an auditing committee, submitting at the regular meeting in
September and January of each year a report on the audit of Treasurer’s books and accounts. It shall be their duty
to manage and maintain buildings, grounds and equipment in a condition satisfactory to the Club. The title of all
property held by the Club or which it may hereafter acquire, shall be vested by proper conveyance in the Board of
Directors. They shall not have the power to encumber, sell or convey any real property, not part thereof, nor shall
they have the power to acquire more property or make any expenditures other than for minor repairs to Club
property. All income from rentals or their sources shall be turned over to the Club Treasurer at every regular
meeting. Any proposition submitted for the directors to lease, encumber, sell or convey any of the Club’s real
property, or a part thereof, shall be read at three (3) regular meetings of the Club. The Secretary shall notify by
mail all members so they may be present to vote on propositions submitted. Propositions submitted shall require
two thirds (2/3) of the members voting to carry. All expenditures of committee of officers shall be approved by the
Board of Directors before being presented at a meeting of the Club for authorization. The Board of Directors shall
absorb all duties and responsibilities formerly vested in the Board of Trustees, as fully covered in this section
and that of the Executive Board, as covered in Section 7 of aforesaid Article VI.

SECTION 7. Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall consist of the Junior Past President, President,
Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four (4) members to be elected at large by plurality vote, which Board
shall meet each month for the purpose of expediting the next regular business meeting of the Club, it shall
formulate recommendations for discussion and action and consider such matters as the Club may, from time to
time, assign to it. Five (5) board members constitute a quonrum at Board Meetings. In-case of a difference of
opinion within the Board of Directors on any recommendation or issue to be presented to the Club, then this Board
shall submit, in writing, both a majority and a minority report upon such recommendation or issue, this procedure
to be followed in all cases where unanimity of opinion fails to prevail. This Board may act for the Club in an
emergency, to the extent of five hundred (500) dollars, when, in the opinion of this Board, exigencies of the matter
requiring action do not permit calling a special meeting or laying over to the next regular meeting of the Club.
Provided, that in case this Board takes any action or any matter that may be interpreted as an emergency. The
Club, in regular or special session, shall have the power to determine whether an emergency actually exists, and to
either adopt the action of this Board as the action of the Club, or to rescind such action. If the action so taken
involves the expenditures of funds, and the Club in meeting rescinds the action, then the Club shall not be
responsible for such expenditure, when in excess of five hundred (500) dollars.


SECTION 1. Legislative Committee: The Legislative Committee shall consist of not more than three members,
and shall have referred to it all matters and communications which, in the judgment of the presiding officer,
properly come within the scope of the functions, or which the Club may refer to it. It shall be the duty of this
committee to interpret the provisions of these by-laws and matters of parlimentary procedure when any question
arises in connection thereto.

SECTION 2. Membership Committee: The Membership Committee shall consist of not less than three (3)
members. It shall be the duty of this committee to build up the membership of the Club, to seek renewal of expired
memberships, to enroll new members, and otherwise promote the interests of the organization by maintaining a
high standard of membership, both in numbers and quality. The chairman of this committee shall keep the same
kind of accurate record of the membership rolls as that of the Secretary, including a list of members, the list to
include the expiration dates of such memberships, and a list of members delinquent in their dues. The chairman
shall report at each meeting of the club on (1) new members enrolled: (2) members who have renewed their
memberships through payment of annual dues; (3) inform new members of their obligations and privileges, and
offer a copy of by-laws to same.

SECTION 3. Public Improvement Committee: The Public Improvements Committee shall consist of not less
than three(3) members. to this committee shall be referred for study and recommendations all matters that affect
the health and safety of this District, and such matters that the Club may, from time to time, refer to it. The
committee shall consult with public officials, firms and individuals when as instructed by the Club and, with
approval and by direction of the Club shall have the power to plan and initiate projects in the nature of public

SECTION 4. Educational Committee: The Educational Committee shall consist of not less than three (3)
members, and shall have referred to it for study, investigation and recommendation all matters of an educational
nature that may be brought before the Club, and such other matters as the Club may, from time to time, direct.

SECTION 5. Entertainment Committee: The Entertainment Committee shall consist of not less than three (3)
members and shall direct all social and entertainment functions sponsored or authorized by the Club.

SECTION 6. Publicity Committee: The Publicity Committee shall consist of one (1) or more members and shall
promote the interests of the Club through all regular mediums of public information and in such other manner as
the Club may, form time to time, direct.

SECTION 7. Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the
President and shall serve the term of one (1) year. Their duties are: (a) to see that sufficient monies are accrued
to finance the Clubs obligations; and (b) to cooperate with and assist the Treasurer where necessary concerning

SECTION 8. Special Committees: Special Committees may be selected for any specific purpose at any time and
in any manner decided upon by the Club and shall have such power and duties as may be prescribed at the time of
their appointment, or which may be further permitted by the Club during the life of such committees. These are
committees which exist but are not necessarily standing committees.

SECTION 9. Bingo Committee: A committee to consist of three (3) or more members who oversee bingo
operations and meet on a regular basis. All to be appointed by the President. The chairman shall be authorized to
place orders for supplies needed for operation of bingo game and to pay by check signed by Treasurer and
President for supplies and large payouts at bingo game. The bingo chairman shall be bonded for one thousand
(1000) dollars.

SECTION 10. It is the sense of this organization that the principal function of all committees is to expedite
business and activities of the Club. This being agreed upon by the adoption of these by-laws. Committees shall at
all times be cooperative and responsive to the wishes of the Club. They shall recommend and suggest matters to
the Club for action, but shall not have the power to act on their own initiative or of their own volition in any
matter, unless such power has been specifically delegated to them by the vote of the Club, or in case of emergency
by the Board of Directors and then only on such matters and in such manner as is expressly of opinion within a
committee, its recommendations shall be arrived at by majority vote of the members of the committee, and in all
cases minorities shall have the privilege of submitting a report to the Club and moving for substitution of the
minority report for the majority report. All committees, whether standing, or special, shall serve for a period of not
longer than one (1) year, and are then, automatically discharged, final committee report to be made at the January
meeting of the new year.

SECTION 11. Ladies’ Auxiliary: The West Side Improvement Club, Incorporated, shall sponsor a Ladies’ Auxiliary,
to which all of the women members automatically belong, subject to the rules and regulation, however,
to conform to the by-laws of this Club, and report of activities at the regular meetings.


SECTION 1. Roberts rules of Order Revised shall be the parliamentary authority of this organization on all
matters not otherwise covered in these by-laws or by subsequent amendments or alterations of these by-laws.

SECTION 2. All records, books and papers that are property of the Club in possession of officers at all times shall
be available for inspection by any member of the Club at all times within reason.

SECTION 3. Any officer, committee, or member of a committee, may be removed from office or relieved of duty
at any time by the Club for cause, committees or a member or members of a committee may be removed by the
President, provided, that his power of removal shall apply only to committee or members of committees which he
has appointed.

SECTION 4. The presiding officer shall have the power to enforce decorum at all meetings and shall have the
power to deputize any member or any number of members necessary to such enforcement. Any member who has
been called to order for the indecorous conduct in a meeting shall not be allowed the privilege of the floor during the
balance of the meeting, and repeated in decorum, whether at on meeting or successive meetings of the Club, shall
be grounds for expulsion from the organization by vote of two thirds (2/3) majority of attending members.

SECTION 5. Should any elective officer absent himself from three (3) successive regular meetings without
presenting an acceptable excuse for his absence, his office shall be declared vacant and the Club shall proceed to
elect another person to fill the office for the unexpired portion of the term of that office.

SECTION 6. Not more than one (1) member of any one (1) family shall be privileged to hold elective office in this
Club at the same time. Under observance of this section, members of a family will include husbands and wives,
and their sons and daughters living in the same household and same address.


These by-laws shall not be altered or amended without the concurrent vote of at least two thirds (2/3) of the
members at a regular meeting at which a quorum is present, and the proposed alterations must be in writing and
be read at least one (1) regular meeting before the regular meeting at which action is taken. All members must be
notified of proposed by-law changes by mail at least fifteen (15) days prior to meeting. All voting on amendments
or alterations shall be by ballot, or voice vote or a show of hands, decided on by majority of membership present at


The following order of business shall be followed at all regular meetings of this organization, unless altered by the
presiding officer with the consent of a majority of the members present:

1. Call to order
2. Flag Salute
3. Roll call of officers
4. Reading and adoption of previous meeting and board meeting minutes
5. Membership acceptance of new members by assembly vote
6. Reading of communications
a. Communications received
b. Communications sent
c. Rental Report
d. Treasurer’s Report
e. Current bills (Call for paying of bills under new business)
7. Report of Committees
a. Finance
b. Bingo
c. Legislative
d. Public Improvement
e. Educational
f. Entertainment
g. Publicity
h. Special
i. Adult Education
j. Better Roads and Community Development
8. Unfinished Business
9. New Business
10.Pay Bills
11.Nominations, elections, Installations, resignation of officers
12.Good and Welfare


The board of Directors may contract a rental manager, bingo manager and a custodian, and enforce all rules and
regulations set forth. Neither the rental manager, bingo manager or the custodian may hold elective office or serve
on the Board of Directors unless approved by majority vote.

These by-laws were amended by a membership vote December 2, 2002.