Community Improvement

Who we help

We have provided funds and other charitable donations for many charities and community projects over the years. The West Side Improvement Club has helped out churches, schools, fire departments, police departments and many other important organizations including other non-profit groups such as the Bremerton Food Line, South Kitsap Help Line, American Heart Association and a lot of other great groups.

Some charitable contributions we have provided

We recently donated to the Blaze Baseball Organization.  For additional information on the NW Blaze, visit their website at:

Other great orgainzations we have donated to are: United Methodist Church after school tutoring program, Chuckwagon Senior Nutrition Programs, and Kitsap County Resources fund for a building in Port Orchard.

We helped four local elementary school PTA’s:  Crown Hill, Stem Acadamy, Naval Avenue and Kitsap Lake.  

We donate to five food banks quarterly:  St. Vincent DePaul, Bremerton Food line, South Kitsap Helpline, Salvation Army and
Central Kitsap Food bank.

We donated to Alzheimer’s Foundation, Hospice, American Heart Assoc., Kitsap Community Resources, YMCA Alive Shelter, Bell Ringer, three day Breast Cancer walk and Fire District 7 for their smoke detector program, Bremerton Rescue Mission, Stand For Kids program that helps homeless Kitsap County Youth at if you wish more information, and Bremerton Beyond Accessible Play at for more information.  In 2012 we have also helped Kitsap Search and Rescue with providing free rentalsl for two functions at our hall for more information they can be found at and look for Search and Rescue.  We also assisted the Master Gardeners with the materials and construction of their new storage shed located at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds.  A special donation to the Salvation Army Tent City Fund was also provided.

We assist the county with stewardship of the View Point Park at the end of McCall Blvd. which not only entails volunteers to open
and close the gate daily but we cover the cost of what is required for repairs, gas for mowing the lawn and garbage pick up.

We are members of the South Kitsap Improvement Council.

Here are a few other organizations we have helped out in the past.

  • Kitsap Historical Society
  • Kitsap County Sheriff
  • Navy Yard City Bible Church
  • Kitsap United Way
  • West Side Seniors
  • Pee Wees
  • Camp Fire and Scouting

How you can help

Every year we donate to many local groups to help provide needed assistance to the Kitsap County community. Without the help of our members and the funds generated from bingo sales we would not be able to help all the people we do. You can help by becoming a member, become active in club events or by playing bingo at our hall on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. With your help we can keep providing help to our communities as we have for over 75 years.

To become a member please contact us at 1-360-479-9061 or contact us by mail.
4109 E Street, Bremerton Washington 98312